4 Wash Bays
4 Manual wash bays available on-site

At Torquay car wash we have four manual wash bays where by you can wash your car manually using the equipment in the bay. The water and soap/wax is provided by making payment via the selector panel at the front of the bay. The selector panel allows you to select from many different wash options. Please refer to the photo below for all sections. Once you make a payment by either phone/card or gold coin you will have time up on the timer which will allow you to change between the wash options in any order you like.  Each wash bay contains a high pressure gun, a foaming brush, and a splatter wax gun that are used depending on what selection you are on.


Please refer to these instructions on the recommended way of washing your vehicle


Wash Bay Equipment Torquay
Wash Bay Equipment
Please use the selection panel to make payment and select your wash type