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Automatic Car Wash Torquay

Automatic Car Washes

We have 2 touch-free Mr. Magic carwashes that do not make physical contact with your car at any time. These car washes are said to be one of the best models in the industry for a proper and thorough wash and have a track record for near to no damage on cars over the last 20 years.

Manual Bay Wash Torquay

Manual Bay Car Washes

We have 4 wide bay washes on site that all include a bay wash gun, a foaming brush, and a splatter wax gun. All bay wash’s dispense Blendco soaps from Prowash which are said to be the leading liquid soaps globally for car washes.

Dog Washes Torquay

Dog Washes

On the Cylinders Road side of the carwash, we have 2 TruBlu K9000 dog washes that are available for use 24/7. All soaps for washing your pet are provided with your dog wash.

Vacuums Torquay


Offered on the site is access to 4 high powered car vacuums to suck out dust and debris from your interior carpets seats and consoles.


We are located at 6 Cylinders Drive, Torquay, VIC 3228

Torquay Carwash Position On Cylinders Road

Torquay Carwash is very close to Aldi, Bunnings Warehouse and Shell Service Station in Torquay. We are right next to MyCar and Shell Service station on the corner of Winki Way and Cylinders Road. Keep an eye out for the bright green walls and carwash signage!

Should I use the Automatic or Manual Bay Car Wash?

automatic car wash robots
Automatic carwashes are powered by AI robotic technology

There are two types of car washes at Torquay Carwash. The automatic touch-free car washes and the manual bay do-it-yourself car washes.  Both of these car washes clean the car very well, but there are a few scenarios where one may be better than the other, or will just suit you much better.


Automatic Car Washes

automatic presoak
A presoak solvent is injected onto the car via spray nozzles

The automatic car washes are a very popular option because it requires no effort for you to wash your car.  Our robots will wash your car from start to finish and you do not even need to get out of your car!  Automatic car washes are also fantastic because you do not have to worry about any sand or fine particles in carwash brushes that may leave fine scratches on the clear coat.  Our automatic car washes spray a moderate to highly potent presoak liquid that dissolves the road grime from the car and then blasts the car spotless clean using a full high-pressure water wash cycle. This gives a result near as good as a hand car wash and takes one-eighth of the time to wash your car.

automatic high pressure
High-pressure water is pumped through specifically designed 360° oscillator nozzles

Automatic car washes also provide highly protective waxes for the surface of your car which will prevent your cars paint and clear coat from fading and cracking in the sun, it will leave it sparkling clean with a nice polished shine and it will make cleaning off the road crime the next time around much much easier. The benefits of a wax far outweigh the price. All automatic carwashes also provide a spot-free mist

automatic splatter wax
The car is covered in a carnauba tri-coloured (rainbow) wax

at the very end of the cycle which is extremely soft water whereby all the harsh particles have been extracted leaving the car to dissolve all the water still laying on the surface of the window and panels giving it a streak-free and perfect finish.

Automatic carwashes are at their most effective when the car is cleaned every 2 to 4 weeks. The more often the more immaculate the finish will be. However, even cars that have been washed for a long period of time will come up near perfect and if there are a couple of remaining spots such as dry tree sap usually a microfiber cloth can help to aid to remove this.

Automatic Under Carriage
High-pressure jets blast of all salt and prevent the undercarriage of the car from rusting  (left) Corrosion prevention in Honda Crv 2008 owners manual (right). 

Another very important feature of automatic car washes is the undercarriage technology whereby a blast of high-pressure water cleans the bare metal underneath the car carriage removing salts and corrosion causing material.  Because Torquay is located right on the coastal region of Victoria it is particularly important to wash off all the salt build-up from our cars to stop them corroding prematurely. Cars found in coastal regions often have many problems with rusting. When you’re deciding which car wash you should choose we highly recommend you consider the undercarriage wash for this purpose.

automatic grime before and after
Photo was taken before and after going through an automatic carwash. Road grime is dissolved from car and car shines from the protective wax






Manual Bay Car Washes

Wash Bay Equipment Torquay
Location of all the equipment for manual bay washing

The other type of carwash available to you is the manual bay wash whereby we have 4 do-it-yourself bay washers on-site with all soap and equipment provided.  All of the manual wash bays contain a high-pressure hose for blasting your car with low-pressure presoak’s, solvents and high-pressure soaps and rinses, a foaming brush for hitting tougher to remove scum and road grimes and splatter wax gun for layering your car in a thick carnauba wax.

The manual bay washes can be a more suitable option then the automatic washes whereby your vehicle is too large to fit in the automatic car wash. For example, you have a truck, a caravan, a boat, or any large vehicle not suitable for our automatic car wash or for cases where you have an extremely dirty vehicle that you may take several rounds to clean thoroughly.

Manual car washes all contain soft brushes made from hog hair to help you get in the crevices and remove the road crime without leaving any marks at all on your clearcoat.  Because we can’t be 100% sure if our previous customers have had sand on their car we highly recommend you give the brush a quick hose down with high-pressure water prior to using it on your vehicle. It’s a good way to ensure you will definitely not be leaving any scratches on the protective clear coat. When washing your car you should not be using the brush until you have first soaped down and rinsed the car thoroughly with high-pressure water so the brush itself never comes in contact with harsh sands of abrasive particles.

tyre and engine cleaner
Cleaning dirt and grease from the car’s engine bay with tire and engine cleaner

One advantage that manual bay carwashes have that automatic carwashes do not is the ability to open the bonnet of your car and spray down your engine bay with engine cleaning solvent (provided in bay on selector panel) and hosing down your engine with high-pressure water. This, in particular, is very popular with mechanics to keep the car engine bay and free of grease and grime for the next time you work on your car.

Cleaning your car in a manual bay clearly takes a lot more physical energy and usually will take a bit longer to achieve the same result as the automatic car wash alternative. The choice will depend on you for what you think will be the most convenient for your lifestyle!

Where is the closest car wash near me?

If you live in the surf coast region of Torquay and its neighboring areas, the closest fully-fledged carwash to you is most likely to be Torquay Carwash on cylinders Road. That is our carwash that is dedicated to this website. Torquay carwash contains 2 convenient touch-free automatic car washes, 2 dog washes that use Fido dog products, and 4 bay and 4 vacuums much like the standard carwash sites of Australia.

If you live close to the Geelong side of the Torquay region it may be more convenient for you to frequent Grovedale Carwash as it is the second closest full-featured carwash that is closest to Torquay.  The Grovedale carwash is located on 226 Torquay Road and it even contains pet bedding washing machines for you to clean your pets or horses getting and clothing.

To make it easier for you to visualize our recommended carwash sites, we have drawn a map to help you locate which carwash may be better for you to visit.

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