At Torquay Carwash we have 2 automatic carwashes that are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and provides you a very convenient and quick way to wash, protect and wax your vehicle with unbelievable shine in less than 7 minutes so you can get on with the rest of your day!  And what’s more, the automatic car washes are brushless meaning there is zero chance the automatic car wash can scratch your car.

Payment Validator Torquay
The payment terminal (centre right)

Our automatic car washes contain a payment validator at the front of the car wash whereby you can make a selection of which wash package you would like to select and provide an easy interface to make your payment.  After making payments all you need to do is simply drive into the car wash in between the left and right guides that will be clearly visible and stop when the traffic light signals you to stop (it will change from green to red just like the road traffic lights)

After the wash has done its magic, it will let you know when it is finished as the robots will be in their home position at the front of the vehicle, it will be not moving at all and the red light will now be illuminating green signifying that the wash has finished.

There are 3 different wash packages available to you and I will explain them here. The first package is the standard. The standard wash contains all the base washing features such as a super heavy duty presoak that dissolves road grime from the panel’s of the car, cycles of high-pressure rinse to remove all the presoak, dirt and any grime from the highways, and finally, a spot-free mist that penetrates large water particles and allows them to bead off the car allowing a quick dry time and streak-less finish.

The next package up from the standard package is the deluxe package whereby you will get all the features included in the standard wash, but additionally, you will have a layer of high-quality clear coat protectant over the car which will help protect your car and give it extra shine.

The top package which is the most popular is called the ultimate and not only does it include a high-pressure undercarriage wash that cleans underneath the car removing any salt or corrosive material to your metals, but it also contains a high-quality carnauba farming wax that is projected onto the car as a thick hand type wax that provides an incredible layer of protection and shine to the motor vehicle. The undercarriage wash is a very important feature for Torquay as there tends to be a lot of salty air and even salt on the road which tends to corrode the metal. We highly recommend you choose the undercarriage wash for this reason it not worth seeing your car rust out after a few years when you could have simply could have washed all the under vehicle metals.  The tri-foam wax is great not only in that it gives extra protection and incredible shine but it makes the car so much easier to clean when it comes to your next wash. The grime will stick to the wax instead of etching onto the car panel.

The automatic car wash experience is very quick and easy for the customer and if you have young kids I’m sure you know they will especially love the rainbow wax because of all the colors and the great theater!

I would like to also mention at the front of our automatic bracket near the payment system. There are a couple of buckets for cleaning your wheels prior to going into the automatic. Customers are welcome to use these if their wheels are very dirty and have a lot of brake dust buildup on them. Lightly going over your wheels will give them an even better finish. This option is completely optional but can be handy if you haven’t washed your car for a very long time.  What’s more, you can put some of the wheel cleaner on bugs or bird droppings that have started to etch into your car’s paint. These can be extremely hard to remove from the car and using a little bit of the wheel cleaner with light pressure will help to loosen them from the panel and give you a perfect clean