At Torquay Carwash, we have two drive-through automatic car wash bays that are open 24/7 and are made convenient so you don’t even need to leave your car.

Touch Free Automatic
A robotic arm measures the distance from your car to wash your car perfectly each time.

Our automatic carwashes are brushless meaning no brushes or abrasive sponges are making contact with the paint of your car meaning it is not possible for our carwash to scratch your car in any way or form. We consider this very important for automatic car wash technologies because there have been many horror stories of brush automatic car washes damaging the cars paint.

For a car wash to effectively clean the car without brushes it requires two things. 1. Soap with an adequate level of alkaline to dissolve the road grime and dirt from the car and 2. high-pressure jets to blastoff the film on the car using pressure. This is exactly the way we do it and is the safest and we believe to be the most effective way of cleaning your car using automation technology.

Automatic car washes run a program that measures the length of the car and the width of the car to determine the boundaries of where the arm should be positioned so that the cleaning process is done at an optimal distance. The use of the photosensors allows for many different cars of different shapes and forms to be washed in the exact same manner and leaving perfect results every time.

Payment Validator Torquay
Payment for the automatic car wash is made on the terminal near the center-right of the screen. In the bucket to the left of the screen is a bug remover which can be optionally be used.

The payment process of the drive-through automatic car wash is very easy and does not require our staff members to be at the terminal to process your payment. A credit card reader will be available 24/7 for you to make payment before driving into the car wash. We supply buckets of bug wash at the entrance of our automatic if you would like to gently rub it over your front bumper bar if it contains some bugs as this can help aid to remove them during the wash. Often the bug wash is not necessary, but you can use it whenever you like before going into the automatic car wash.

To make it simple for you, we break down the three automatic car wash options under the names Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate.

The Standards carwash will wash the car perfectly, but will not apply any wax or clearcoat protectors to the vehicle.

The Deluxe carwash will do everything the standard carwash does but will also add a clear coat protectant.

The Ultimate carwash will do everything the deluxe carwash does, but will also add a tri-colour carnauba wax which is known to be one of the best quality carwash waxes that will leave a superior shine and much better UV protection to the vehicle. In addition to the higher quality wax, the ultimate carwash also features an under-carriage car wash which will help corrosion forming underneath your vehicle. This is particularly very useful in Torquay and coastal areas with salty roads.

Automatic Wash Options Torquay
There are three different options for you to choose from when selecting payments at the automatic terminal. Ultimate, Deluxe and Standard.  Please see above for the features of each wash type.

If you have any further questions about our automatic car wash, please ask our attendant as we are always happy to help our customers understand our products.