2 dog washes Torquay
2 dog washes available for customers 24/7

Located on our site are 2 diy dog washes from the K9000 series. On each dog wash, you are supplied with a gun that dispences the dog wash shampoo, conditioner, rinse and flea and tick products. Next to the hose gun is a dryer hose where you have an option of high or low-speed dry air pressure for drying your dog.

Dog Wash Equipment Torquay
Each dog wash has its own soap-dispensing gun and dryer hose

The soaps we use inside the dog washes are of a brand called ‘Fido’. Fido is well known around the pet community and is praised for being the most effective soap for washing your pet and has been through the proper safety regulation process.

Fido Soaps Torquay
We only use high-quality veterinarian-approved ‘Fido’ Products