2 dog washes Torquay
We have 2 Do-it-Yourself dog washes located at the very front of the site.  Parking is located next to the dog questions.

Our dog washers operate in a similar way to the manual bay do-it-yourself car washes.   You can wash your dog yourself and very conveniently using our dog wash which supplies you with all the necessary equipment to wash a dog thoroughly and easily without making any mess. Our dog washes are raised off the ground so you do not need to hurt your back while washing your dog. You can stand in normal position and use the supplied dog wash soap dispensing gun and dryer nozzles to finish washing your dog from start to finish. The dog wash can be performed by doing the following.

  1.  Open the dog wash door and let your dog hop into the tub. When he/she is in the tab you can use one of the 2 convenient collar chains to help stop your dog from moving around too much while you are washing them. There is a chain latch on each side of the dog wash that may come in handy when you wash each side of your dog.
  2.  Before the dog wash starts you need to use your credit card to make payments for a dog wash cycle before any time will come up on the display.  This can simply be done by tapping the card on the card acceptor on the dog wash. When the time is on the display proceed to step 3.
  3.  The system will be to let you know payments has been processed and will give you an allotted amount of time which is about 10 minutes. Turn the 360° switch to the Shampoo position, pick up the gun and press the trigger on the garden to start the Shampoo process. Shampoo your dog and try to avoid getting it in their eyes as it can be a little uncomfortable for them. You can work the soap into the hair with your hands if you like. Continue to shampoo for 2 – 3 minutes.
  4.  Next rinse the soaps out of your dog thoroughly using the rinse mode on this switch which will provide warm water.
  5.  Next turn the switch to the Conditioner position. Continue the same process and complete this process for roughly 2 minutes.
  6.  Next turn the switch to the flea and tick rinse mode and cover your dog hair for roughly 30 seconds which contains flea and tick treatment. There is no need to wash out this treatment before blowdrying.
  7.  Next turn the switch to blow dry lo mode, which is their low mode on the blow dryer which is not as noisy and will get your dog used to the sound before entering high blower mode. When your dog feels comfortable switch to high lower mode and use the warm dry air to dry your dogs fur.
  8.   Lastly, let your dog out of the dog wash and into the cemented fenced in area and then turn the switch to disinfect mode and give the dog wash a quick disinfect for the next customer to prevent any germs and be mindful of the covert-19 pandemic. It is important we be considerate to others.
  9.  We know you will enjoy your dog wash experience as it is very easy to do, is much cheaper than a dog grooming service and will leave no mess in your bathroom tab and floor. Drop in any time of day cause we are open 24 hours!
Dog Wash Equipment Torquay
360° switch to change from soap dispensing modes and their warm blow dryer modes.


Fido Soaps Torquay

The soaps we use in our dog wash other highest quality we know one the market that a veterinarian approved and safe for all dogs. The name of this product line is called the “Fido’s” range which you may or may not have seen in some pet supplier stores. We recommend only using this brand or other brands that have been veterinary approved or you will not be happy with the results and in some cases can irritate and cause a reaction on your pet. For more information on Fido products you can have a look on their website.